Where Social Media meets Reality

Pierre trended as the top 9 Hashtag for Baltimore. Over 4 million people have share post about #Baltimore. How Pierre was’s post able to obtain top 9. This was not by chance. A social media team was set up to penetrate the city of Baltimore. We compiled the cities top hashtags, events, barbershop, hair salons, trendsetters, social media influencers…etc.
Pierre’s Instagram city demographics increased Baltimore’s follower from number 5/6 to 2. The only city with more followers: Atlanta. The team did a great job marketing Baltimore. Pierre commented about people coming up to him after the show who had heard about event via Social Media. He had other followers comment on next day post about “
IMA was also able to obtain existing followers by posting video skits simultaneously 3 times a day. It helps tremendously Pierre is active on Social responding to comments and DMs. Each post involved Baltimore Hashtags and tags telling follower to tell someone they know in Baltimore. Example: #Baltimore #Bmore #Baltimorehair #tagafriend #share
We also took time to join in in trends like to Sunday Selfies, Throw Back Thursday, and Thank God its Friday.
The event is over, a new city for Pierre. New York is now back as the number 2 city for Pierre’s Instagram city demographics.

Example for Package A
Account Growth/ Multiple City Target
5000+ followers a month
Push account 5 times a day (non influencer) 750
4 times a day (influencer) 600
750 added followers per day
750 deleted followers per day
(*IG will only allow 300 adds/deletes per hour)

3000+ followers a month
Push account 3 times a day (non influencer) 450
2 times a day (influencer) 300
450 added followers per day
450 deleted follower’s day
Target marketing accounts will see a 50% decrease in growth

Package B Case Study

No Junk Food Challenge – NicoleVada
Campaign created to engage existing followers while attracting new.

Package C Case Study
Online Ecommerce – HifliStonecrest
1. Integrated store photos with happy shopper and celebrities from Instagram to company’s website.

2. Used Instagram’s new platform to directly sell product via social media.

3. Displayed in store photo of customers listening to music on their personal devices.

4. Lifestyle photos of staff at red-carpet events, games, and other popular arenas.

5. We celebrated the seasons with discounts codes available via social media

6. Win Music! We ran a contest to win music. Participants entered contest by tagging three friends and 5 participants were randomly selected as winners.

7. Behind the scene photos: stuffing CD sleeves, carrying boxing, setting up displays etc.

8. Promote new Music!

9. Used Instagram Videos vs Photos whenever

10. IG and FB Live!
*Accounts with paid followers will be taxed a 10% add on
*Accounts without storyboards will receive a fee for content creation implementation
*Package C accounts will be fee + commission off proven product sell leads
*Events where teams have to cover location will receive a 15% increase for staffing and staff must be covered for entry. No less than 2, more than 4.