Package A – Virtual Street Team – is perfect for companies looking to gain organic followers.

  • Instagram, Facebook and other social mediums are businesses – if you have activity in your account, they are likely to make you a top post because they know others will see your post and are likely to engage on your page. For instance, when your account has organic followers, Instagram highlights your post as one of the coveted top 9 out of thousand/millions posts because it trusts that the post will gain the repetition of consumers repeatedly visiting Instagram.

The industry now has its eye on bought followers, ghost members, fake likes, false views…these accounts are starting to stick out like a sore thumb.


Package ┬áB – Social Media Manager – is perfect for increasing engagement amongst organic followers.

  • You might choose this packet if you already have organic followers, but they are not active/engaged.


Package C – Virtual Sales Person – is perfect for a company that has followers and engagement, but is not gaining revenue from Social Media.

  • This package uses demographic analysis of location, age, and gender and other elements to gauge followers. Digital marketing is the integration of technology of new media to enhance marketing attempts and drive sales goals.

Followers EQUAL dollars!!